FBLA Donates to March of Dimes 

By: Kris Dillon

For years, the future business leaders in RHS have tried to give back. Founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1938, March of Dimes is a United States nonprofit organization that works to improve the health of mothers and babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. The two have worked together to bring awareness and raise money towards finding a solution. FBLA has tried many things over the years to raise money for this organization. This year, the club has made a significant donation to March of Dimes.

     Senior Bella Duffett, and recent alumni Allison Casey and Mikaela Harrell were a part of the March of Dimes committee last school year. They decided to change the way the FBLA chapter raised money for this organization. Instead of asking for donations at just the High School, they expanded to all over the district. By doing so, they managed to raise $1,032.68. This was very significant, because it was the most ever raised by the RHS chapter. Mrs. Robbin Cole, the FBLA sponsor, was very proud of the team, saying, “Hats off to those involved, I’m very proud of their hard work.”

     This year, the March of Dimes committee plans to keep up with the success of last year. They plan to use the same plan, but advertise more, in order to boost the money raised to the organization. Not only will the team advertise more, but they would like to see the student body participate in events during the week in order to raise awareness. Things such as; Spirit Days, or a walk-o-thon would help people better understand where the money is being donated to. Overall, the FBLA chapter has made a major impact in the organization, and they plan to keep up with that success. 

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 8:59 AM