Fall Play: Save the Date 

By: Jordan Barr

     Coming soon to the Farris Theater on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of November will be the Drama Club’s performance of “You Can’t Take It With You.” Mr. Corey Robertson, the new theater teacher and director, is looking forward to the show 100%. Being that it is such a small group, he was excited to see all of the talent that came in, and to see that the school has a great theatre program. While Mr. Robertson is excited about many things for this semester’s show, he says he is most excited to accomplish creating a “believable family ensemble and making people believe they actually live in the same house.”

      While many of you may be surprised to hear the show is not a musical, the truth is that a musical was the original plan. Sadly, not even a great idea for a musical show could stop the hands of fate. Due to conflicting schedules, Mr. Robertson was forced to make the change, and decided on a classic with a large cast. When asked if he is excited for directing his first high school show as a teacher, he replied, “Yes, I am absolutely thrilled. Keeps me awake at night, but in a good way.”  Hopefully, he’ll get more sleep as it gets closer to show time!

Aidan Lacy and Hailey Fairchild read a short skit during auditions.

Matthew Danner studies his lines in the hallway as he waits his turn to audition.

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 8:58 AM