Drive 4 UR School Event 

By: Paul Mayberry

On Saturday, September 30th, Richmond High school partnered up with Swafford’s Ford in order to put on the fundraising event known as “Drive 4 Ur School”. Swafford’s donated money for people to test drive their ford vehicles. Up to 300 drivers could earn $20 of charity money each for participating in the event, totaling up to $6000. Drivers could test drive a variety of vehicles, such as trucks, economy cars, family cars, mustangs, etc. And all the proceeds went to Richmond High School’s FFA, K-12 Back Pack Program, and Spartan Athletics’ programs. Sergeant White with the National Guard even showed up to show off his Buffalo Mine Digger! 

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 8:58 AM