RHS Scholar Bowl Preps for New Season 

By: Lennon Puls

     As everyone has finally settled into the school year, many clubs and organizations have started back up and are now in full swing. One organization, the Scholar Bowl team, has high hopes in their upcoming season. Senior Garrett Gifford will be the Captain of the Varsity team for the second straight year and is excited for what this year may bring. When asked about how he believes the team will do, he answered, “I think we’re a very experienced team, so I think we will be highly competitive this year.” Some goals he has for the team include beating Higginsville for the first time in his high school career and to rank in the top four of the conference.

     As the team is getting ready for their first competition, they are trying to prepare the freshmen on the team. They all must learn how the game is played, along with how to work together to be able to succeed in their matches. Freshman Tim Isaacson has enjoyed his time with the team, and says he really likes that, “it is a group of people that I can relate to.” When asked what he looks forward to the most, he says that he is ready to, “learn a lot of new facts and be able to answer questions for the team.” The team has confidence, along with determination, in succeeding in their matches. Their first chance to prove themselves will be at home on November 29th.

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 9:26 AM