Spartans Spoil Trojan Homecoming 

By: Trevon Alexander

     The Richmond Spartans traveled to Carrollton to take on the Trojans, planning to spoil their Homecoming. Entering the first quarter, the Spartans planned to attack quickly to set the tone for the game, and that they did when they opened up the game with a toss reverse pass play, finding Trevon Alexander all by himself downfield for a touchdown in the first fifteen seconds of the game. The Spartans were pumped and on their feet believing that they’ll take this one home. On the next possession, the Trojans put the Spartans Defensive line to the test by repeatedly running the ball up the middle getting first down after first down, waiting for the Spartans to adjust. The Trojans just kept coming at them, driving the length of the field to finally score from the three yard line, just as the Trojans thought they tied it up, Trevon Alexander blocks the PAT! Keeping the score 7-6 with five minutes remaining in the first. The Spartans kept fighting on the next possession but with little time remaining in the quarter, they fumble at mid-field to give the Trojans the ball as they soon ran out the quarter.

     Going into the second quarter the Spartans wanted to get the ball back and they did just that with an immediate defensive stop that lead to a big punt return by Trevon Alexander to set the pace for the Spartans offense. The Spartans soon ran an option play that was pitched to Trevon Alexander who ran it 40 yards for a touchdown making it 14-6. The momentum was clearly on Richmond’s side and it showed on the Spartans defensive series. They forced the Trojans to fumble, then it was scooped up by D’Tanyon Maxwell to be returned 35 yards and give the Spartans a 21-6 lead going into the half.

     It was the third quarter and the Trojans received the ball to try and capitalize, but the Spartan defense still had the momentum by stopping the Trojans once again, causing a turnover. The Spartans then drove down the field to see themselves on 4th down, settling for a field goal that was put through by Aidan Dorton to make it 24-6. The two teams went back and forth the whole quarter until it was 3 minutes left and D’Tanyon Maxwell found Andre Pritchett on a bubble route for him to run all the way for a 50 yard touchdown with an amazing block by Dionte Marquez assisting him. The Spartans then went for 2, trying to throw to Trevon Alexander but it fell incomplete keeping it 30-6.

     Going into the fourth quarter, the Spartans looked forward to ending this game for the night. The defense was on a roll and continued when Andre Pritchett snatched an interception on the opening drive when the Trojans were in scoring position. Right when the Spartans thought they had their meal ticket to the end zone, the Trojans get an interception of their own giving themselves a second chance. After a long drive, the Trojans just came up short when they fumbled once again that was picked up by Andre Pritchett, giving the Spartans amazing field position. This time, the Spartans capitalized by running a dive play up the middle from the 5 yard line to McCauley Bowers for a Spartan touchdown, expanding the score to 37-6. The Trojans had one last breath left in them on the next drive with little time remaining in the final quarter. The Trojans tested the Spartan defensive line once again all the way down the field, right when the Spartans adjust, the Trojans switch it up to catch the Spartan secondary sleeping on a pass play completed for a Trojan touchdown. The Trojans found their little spark, but it was put out when Trevon Alexander blocked his second PAT of the night, keeping the score 37-12. At this point the Spartans put in their JV to finish off the game and the Spartans walked out victorious, making their record improve to 2-4. 

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 9:30 AM