Tips on How to Walk in the Hallway 

By: Emma Daniels

     It’s pretty obvious that no one read the tips article about freshman because it touched on walking in the hallways and yet people still walk like wild monkeys that escaped the zoo and decided that they needed an education. So here are some tips to help you walk down the hallways correctly.

  • Of course couples are going to want to walk down the hallways together and spend time together, but could you do it in a speedy manner?! Students only get 4 minutes to get to class and if it is on the other side of school, they are not going to make it if there is a couple is walking 0.2 mph and talking about how much they love each other, so could you couples start to love speed walking to class?
  • Sometimes when those 4 minutes are closing in and you have to get to class, don’t ninja sprint through the school, because you might end shoving someone, making them quite angry, or you might trip and wreck yourself. As funny as it is to watch someone wipe out, it is not very funny for you.
  • Just keep on truckin. Don’t stop in the middle of the hallway, this creates a collision and no one wants that. Keep walking until you’ve reached your destination, the most annoying thing ever is when people stop right in front of you causing a collision. It’s literally the worst.
  • Talk to your friends in the commons. Don’t talk to your friends in the hallways. The hallway is probably a good 2 inches wide and there is too much going on in that hallway already for your group of 15 friends just taking up the whole entire hallway because you have to talk about your trip to Mexican after school. 
  • The hallway is like a road or highway, Keep on the right side of the road. Wherever you are headed you will be on the right side. If you need help figuring out left and right, I am sure a teacher or student will help you figure it out. It’s not like we are in high school or anything. Get it right.
  • Don’t continuously step on the back of somebody’s shoe because you’ve decided that you need to go faster. Keep at the same pace as everyone else because you aren’t going to get too far trying to pass someone because the hallway is literally full of hormonal psychopathic teenagers that will punch you in the face. Just keep at the same pace and stay behind the pack, because they are going as fast as they can and sometimes that is not very fast. 
  • Lastly, don’t walk with 8 of your friends side by side, as this said earlier the width of the hallway is only like 2 inches wide! Walking with your friends side by side leaves zero room for the other people that go to this school. When you do this, people literally get smooshed up against the wall trying to get to their class and get an education. So please, please single file line.
Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 9:33 AM