Stingers and Dingers 

By: Sydney Stigall

     The Richmond Lady Spartan softball team has had a season full of remarkable plays, hits, wins, and comebacks. Unfortunately, the Lady Spartans had their season cut short losing in the semi-finals for districts, but that is only part of the unique season they brought upon Richmond’s history.

     For four years, the Lady Spartans have been reigning conference champions. All the other schools within the conference had one goal: to knock them out. But resilience fueled the Spartans, one day specifically. It was September 26, 2017. This day particularly was going to make it or break it for the Richmond Spartan softball team becoming conference champions. Going up against the Holden Eagles, the Lady Spartans were ready to fight. The Spartans had the conference record of 7-1 going into this battle. If they were to lose, conference champions would go to the Holden Eagles. Starting off in the first inning, the Richmond Spartans got to work. The base hits came and continued coming. In fact, three homeruns were hit throughout the course of the game. Senior Emma Daniels, junior Maddy Bennett, and sophomore Skylar Quick were the homerun hitters in this game. “It was just an easy, relaxed, but excited feeling! I’ve been getting super close for a while now, so finally seeing it go over was such a reliever,” Quick states in her excitement over her single run homerun. At the conclusion of the game, the Lady Spartans pulled through with a winning score of 11-10.

     After their victory over Holden, the softball team had Knob Noster yet to defeat. This would mark the finish of the conference season. Making through the whole game with no runs scored yet in each inning, left the crowd on their toes. Phenomenal defense on both teams had made it nearly impossible to score. It wasn’t until the bottom of the fifth inning the lady Spartans had scored their one and only run. Senior Sydney Stigall was up to bat. Down with 2 strikes, she swung away at anything close. The perfect pitch came and clearing the right field fence by a few feet; a single run homerun to put the Spartans on top. Once again, claiming victorious, the Richmond Spartan softball team had clinched yet another conference champion’s title.

     However, this wasn’t the end for the Lady Spartans. During their 2017 reign, Coach Maddux also accumulated 300 wins this season. During the weekend of September 9th, the softball team traveled to the Ozark tournament for a couple of days. It was this tournament that marked the 300th win for Coach Maddux.

     In the end, the Lady Spartan softball team’s season fell short. Losing out the semi-final round in districts was upsetting, but many other accomplishments and well-earned awards were received.

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 9:52 AM