Tips on How to be Prepared for Cold Weather 

By: Emma Daniels

     Although it is still a bit toasty outside, the weather will get cooler and we must be prepared to brace the coming winter. So here are some tips to help you out this winter.

  • Wear clothes that cover everything. Don’t still be wearing booty shorts that only cover about half of your butt cheek with a crop top that you made with one of your old t-shirts back in like 2012. Wear long sleeves or at least a jacket and some pants, long pants. You know what just wear a onsie every day. Problem solved.
  • Bring a space heater everywhere you go. Although they are “banned”, just keep it on the DL, you aren’t trying to set the school on fire, you just want to be warm. Which is understandable, but also if you did set the school on fire that would fix the being cold problem.
  • Remember snuggies? Those are always an option to wear, they are stylish, fun, and not technically blankets so they can’t be banned from school! You could also wear a onsie, mentioned earlier! For some onsie’s you don’t even need shoes, there are shoes already built in! You get a win-win with both of these options.
  • Winter coats were invented for a reason. Don’t just wear a light jacket to school when its -25 degrees outside and you’re wondering why you got sick and have a runny nose. Wear that pink with sequins winter coat that your mom made you get, work it!
  • Hot chocolate is always the answer, that or coffee. Drinking hot chocolate not only makes you warm, but it also tastes really good. When that feeling of warm chocolaty goodness that hits your tongue and makes its way down your throat into your stomach for digestion. So good.
  • Although blankets are banned in school, they aren’t banned in the rest of your life! Just bring a blanket everywhere you go! You never know when you might get stuck on top of a mountain in the dead of winter. If you don’t have a blanket you will die, but not only because of the lack of blanketness, it will be from lack of food, energy, water, and warmth.
  • Lastly, staying inside is always an option. Who needs to go anywhere and leave the comfort of their home? The answer to that is no one. 
Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 10:21 AM