Senior Spotlight: Hunter Loftin 

By: Lennon Puls

     Hunter Loftin has lived in Richmond for his entire life. Throughout his life up to this point, he has been involved in many sports and activities. Organizations he is currently a part of include FBLA, FCA, and Scholar Bowl. His favorite part of Scholar Bowl is “dressing nice for competitions and being around many smart people.” Hunter is also involved with both the basketball and baseball teams. He stated, “I’ve pretty much been playing baseball since I learned how to walk.” His favorite aspect of the sports in which he has been involved in is the competition and being able to better himself in his abilities.

     After high school, Hunter plans to attend college. While he has not yet decided where he would like to attend, he has decided that he would like to study pre-med. He hopes to one day become a child burn surgeon, and dreams of being a doctor at Children’s Mercy. He wants to someday live in Kansas City to be able to fulfill his dreams. Hunter has a future that is sure to be full of achievement, and RHS wishes him the best in all that he does.

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 10:23 AM