Softball All Star Lineup 

By: Sydney Stigall

     As the softball season finally came to an end, it was time for recognition to take place. Each year, at the end of the season, the head softball coaches from each team within the MRVC east conference attend a meeting to decide the twenty players who would comprise the first and second team All-Conference selections. The top ten voted upon designating the first team while the second most voted upon contain the second team. The team’s coaches, however, are not allowed to vote on their own players. They only nominate them whereas other coaches vote on the players. As for All-District selections, the process is a little different. The coaches still are not allowed to vote on their own players, so they are to vote on others based on season statistics.

     For the Richmond Lady Spartans, the All-Conference team selections consisted of seniors Emma Daniels, Sydney Stigall, and Ashley Wilton, juniors Maddy Bennett and Kaitlin Jaggars, and sophomore Abby Vandiver. Three made it into the first team selections and the other three made it into the second team selections. Finishing their high school careers on a strong note, Emma Daniels was awarded first team pitcher with fellow senior Sydney Stigall being awarded first team catcher. Although a year younger, teammate Maddy Bennett achieved a high success for being awarded first team outfielder. For the second team selections, Ashley Wilton, also finishing up her high school career, was awarded pitcher.  Kaitlin Jaggars was awarded second team infielder and Abby Vandiver, though the youngest of the selected, made a strong showing for her second year playing high school ball in earning the second team infielder award. Even though All-District competition is at a tougher level of selections, these ladies recognitions mirrored those that were earned at the all-conference level. After earning such high awards, Jaggars states, “I felt happy that I could represent my team in such a positive way.”

     With the season coming to an end, the softball team went out with a bang. Six hard working girls earned remarkable awards for their efforts. The night of the Fall Sports Ceremony, these dedicated players will earn their certificates indicating their achievements and much more.

Above: Kaitlin Jaggars- 2nd Team All-Conference and All- District Infielder- playing first base.

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 2:56 PM