National FFA Convention 

By: Kolyn Scott

     On October 25 at 7 a.m. ten students and two advisors departed the high school to head to Indianapolis, Indiana for the 90th Annual National FFA Convention. On the way to the Convention the members stopped in St. Louis, Missouri, for a tour of Purina Farms, where they got the opportunity to see many animals. They then continued on to Indianapolis where they attended a leadership session that night.  Senior Kolyn Scott says, “The trip to Indianapolis was long. Ten hours in a car was extremely tiring, but it was definitely worth the drive. It’s sad that this is my last year of high school. I would love to be able to go on the trip as an FFA member again, but I plan to go in the future anyways.”

     On Thursday, the members were up bright and early to attend another session at the Convention center. The attendees got the opportunity to do Courtesy Corps in the FFA Shopping Mall. In the mall, members would help customers find what they were looking for, and also help cashiers bag items when customers came through their line. Doing Courtesy Corps gave the chapter National points toward future awards and recognitions. After their session, they headed to the hotel for a quick change of clothes and some lunch. That day they also attended a Bison Ranch tour where they got to see, feed, and pet bison. The members also got to try a bison burger after their tour. “Courtesy Corps for 4 hours was definitely tiring, but it was also a great opportunity for the FFA. The bison burgers at the ranch were really good. It was cool to actually feed the bison out of our hands,” says Senior Lyssa Green.

     Friday was a big day for the attendees. The members had the day to walk around the shopping mall, the college fairs, and the other shopping center. While there, they participated in a scavenger hunt picture challenge. That night the members went to Longhorn Steakhouse, where the FFA bought their dinner, then they were off to the rodeo. The Cinch Rodeo was held at the Indianapolis Fair Grounds Coliseum. They watched bull riding, bare back bronco riding, and saddle bronco riding. “The steaks at Longhorn Steakhouse were amazing, and the rodeo was really fun, but the girls screamed a lot! All of the boys could hardly hear afterwards,” says Sophomore Thomas Steffens.

     Saturday was the big day for the members. They attended the American Degree Ceremony, where 5 of the graduated members of the Richmond FFA received the highest FFA degree there is. These members included: Taylor Cox, Nolan Sickle, Dakota Boss, Caitlynn Payton, and Aaron Shank, who was not able to attend. After the ceremony the graduated and current members gathered together for pictures. The members then headed for home stopping for lunch at Steak ’n Shake on the way.

     The following members attended: President Kolyn Scott, Vice President Lyssa Green, Secretary Zach Stewart, Reporter Thomas Steffens, Historian John-Patrick Rowan, Freshman Ben Dana, Sophomore Dylan Powell, Freshman Ashley Stewart, Junior Tatum Vandiver, and Senior Raylen Waters. The two advisors, Mrs. Laura Allen and Mr. Charles Foreman also attended. 

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