Trails West District Meeting 

By: Lennon Puls

     The Trails West District Student Council meeting took place on October 27. This annual event is a District Leadership Convention for Student Council members. The day started with students eating breakfast, and then went into an opening session. There, they were welcomed and introduced to the theme of the day, “Take a Trip with Leadership”.  Heather Shultz, a performer in the 1996 Olympics, came as a guest and spoke on living life to the fullest. Senior Emma Daniels says, “She was the most inspirational speaker I have ever listened to.”

     The next events of the day were the Flock Talks. This was a time where students from each school were able to present ideas they had, so that other schools may use the ideas presented. Five students from RHS shared ideas they had during this time. Senior Emilee Cline presented the project concept of the Breakfast with Santa that the school puts on each year, Juniors Hannah Truitt and Kali Watts presented the idea of Float-Building days before Homecoming each year, and Seniors Kris Dillon and Kylie Phipps talked about how to improve school spirit and have better assemblies. After this, the students had an opportunity to do service work, making “Blessing Bags” that would go to homeless people. Another general session concluded a day full of sharing ideas, doing activities, and having a lot of fun.

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 1:57 PM