People, Pets, and Power Outages, Oh My!  

By: Jordan Barr

     The Humane Society of Ray County held a Fundraiser Saturday, October 14, at the Eagleton Center. There was food and a band, and their hopes were high that the turnout would be large enough to help raise money for the animals’ food and pet care. Sadly, the weather had other plans, and Saturday night’s storm gave them some trouble. There wasn’t a large crowd, and the power occasionally went in and out, but the Humane Society was still able to raise about $500. According to volunteer Gloria McFadden, the night was still successful. “We did raise some money,” she said. “I think we could have raised a bit more, but it was still beneficial.”

     If you missed your opportunity to donate to their cause, and would still like to, they are selling trash bags at the Humane Society and the ray County Animal Hospital. You can also find Donation Jars at Daddy’s Diner, C&C Pharmacy, Beacon Tire, Machine Supply (Auto Plus), Orschlen’s, Ray County Animal Hospital, Renfro’s Veterinary Clinic, Swafford’s, Hometown Pizza, Town and Country Animal Clinic, and Crooked River Meats Market and Grill. If you would rather do volunteer work, contact Brenda at 816-529-2158

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 2:05 PM