It’s Time to Suit Up with FBLA 

By: Kris Dillon

Future Busy Leaders of America. FBLA in RHS encompasses everything business. From field trips to raising awareness, they put the “B and the L” in Business Leaders. Mrs. Robbin Cole tries every year to take the members of FBLA on a field trip. In previous years, the club has visited the KC Start Up Village and the Missouri District Court. This year, the club visited the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, learning about inflation and even witnessing the shredding of U.S. Currency. Field trips aren’t the only thing FBLA does to expand members’ knowledge of business. Every meeting, the officers invite a business leader from our community to speak about how they got there and their definition of real-world business. Their first speaker of the year was Mrs. Camille Johnston, the town’s Prosecuting Attorney. She spoke to the members about ‘building your network now, to have opportunities later.” The speech was very impactful and after the meeting the officers met to take a picture.

     It’s going to be hard not to hear about the exciting plans FBLA has in store for this year. Raising awareness for the March of Dimes will be happening soon, and select members from the group will be attending the National Leadership Conference in St. Louis on Friday, November 10. As their leadership skills expand and their knowledge of business grows, their hope is to “have some of those skills rub off on the younger members,” officer Kali Watts shares.  

Posted by scomegys On 10 November, 2017 at 2:14 PM