You Can’t Take It With You 

By: Jordan Barr

    The morning of Friday, November 17, ninety high school students piled into buses and headed to the Farris to see the matinee of You Can’t Take It with You. The cast was pleased by the large turnout of their peers, and even more pleased by the weekend turnout from the community; seventy-five people showed Friday night and Sunday afternoon, while one hundred-twenty people came Saturday night.

   Mr. Robertson, this year’s theatre director, was pleased with how it went. “I think it went very, very well,” said Robertson. “The fact that it was student-run, and that I as the director was comfortable enough to sit in the audience each night and watch says a lot. They all did a great job.”

     To show them his appreciation, Mr. Robertson presented the cast and crew with Paper Plate Awards and chose someone for the Golden Robe, the highest award you can receive in a show. Each cast and crew member received one made specifically for them, while Stage Manager Kris Dillon was awarded the Golden Robe. 

Posted by scomegys On 01 December, 2017 at 9:22 AM