Senior Spotlight: Rachel Kindley 

By: Lennon Puls

     Rachel Kindley has lived in Richmond for all her life. Fun facts about Rachel are that she is the youngest senior at RHS, she and her dog share a birthday, and that she loves to do the laundry. Throughout her life, she has been very involved. She has played volleyball for a total of eight years, including three years through the youth league in town, one in middle school, and all four years of high school. She also played soccer when she was younger for three years. Activities that she has been involved in include: five years of being in FFA, joining Journalism and Yearbook this school year, and being on a leadership team at her church for three years. Rachel says, “I love being involved. It allows me to meet new people and to get out of my comfort zone.”

     After high school, Rachel is indecisive on where she will be attending college, but has narrowed it down to Oklahoma State University and Wichita State University. She loves both Universities, with OSU being close to much of her family, and WSU being an overall amazing atmosphere. Wherever she decides to attend, she plans to go into nursing, because she wants to become a hospice nurse. She doesn’t plan to live anywhere specific as she grows older, saying “I don’t really mind where I’ll end up. As long as it’s always warm.” RHS wishes Rachel good luck in what will surely be a bright future.

Posted by scomegys On 01 December, 2017 at 9:30 AM