Math Team Competes in Warrensburg 

By: Emilee Cline

      Saturday, November 19th the Richmond High School math team competed in Warrensburg, where several of the members placed very high up, and they all did a great job. Here are the final results from Saturday. In individuals, freshman Jillian Hayter received 1st in 9th grade algebra and 1st in physical science; Brianna Kindley received 2nd in 9th grade physical science; and Kenneth Villanueva received 3rd in word problems. Junior Hannah Truitt placed 1st in word problems, 2nd in 11th grade algebra, and 2nd in exponents and logs. Lastly, for our seniors Garret Gifford received 1st in advanced topics, 2nd in 12th grade algebra, and 2nd in exponents and logs, and Lennon Puls received 1st in functions, and 2nd in 12th grade word problems.

      The freshman team, Jillian Hayter, Brianna Kindley, Bryan Scott, and Kenneth Villanueva, received 2nd place. The senior team, Lennon Puls and Garrett Gifford, received 1st place. The top freshman was Jillian Hayter. Top junior was Hannah Truitt, and our top senior was Garrett Gifford. Congratulations on a job well done! 

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