Not So Ugly Legs 

By: Jordan Barr

    Every year, the NHS members are given the opportunity to participate in the Ugly Legs fundraiser. In order to participate, members must decorate their legs and take a picture, then attach it to a can to collect money. Once the fundraiser has come to an end, NHS sponsor Mrs. Wilton will take the donations and purchase children’s toys to donate to the local Salvation Army. This year, participants were able to start carrying their “ugly” cans around the school November 20 to ask for their peer’s assistance.

            Last year, NHS member and this year’s Ugly Legs chairperson Sierra Seller went above and beyond and collected $619.89, the most money ever collected. 37 NHS members signed up to contribute, and must turn in at least $10, but the overall donation goal is $2,000. When asked if she thought the fundraiser would do as well as it did last year, NHS Vice President Emma Daniels said, “I hope so. We’re starting off slow, but it will pick up I’m sure. People are just hoarding their money to turn in at the end.” If you see a member carrying their can through the halls, be sure to donate what you can! 

Posted by scomegys On 07 December, 2017 at 10:22 AM