Teacher Spotlight: Coach Mike Long 

By: Rachel Kindley

     Coach Mike Long has been teaching for 31 years, and 7 of those years have been at RHS. He coaches football and boys and girls track. He’s been the boys track coach for 2 years and the football and girls track coach for 7 years. Coach Long teaches Health, Body Conditioning, and Physical Education. He has taught Physical Science, Life Science, Biology, Missouri Conservation, and Physics.

     Coach Long went to High School at Benton High in St. Joseph, Missouri. During high school, Coach Long played football for 4 years, baseball for 4 years, and wrestled for one year. He continued his academic career at Missouri Valley College and got his Bachelors of Science in Education. Then he attended the University of Central Missouri, where he got his Masters of Science in Physical Education. In college ,Coach Long played football for 3 years and baseball for one year.

     Coach Long is married to Jeanette and they have 3 children: Emma and her husband Nathan Cunningham, Gage Long, and Reuben Long. Coach Long enjoys garage sales, reading, and going to sporting events. He says his favorite part about teaching at RHS is “the students and how well the faculty works together.”

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