Boys Basketball 

By: Trevon Alexander

     The Richmond Basketball team is currently 8-4 on the year. Their last two games included a loss to Hamilton, followed by a win against North Platte in the first round of the Lawson Tournament on January 11, 2018. Richmond earned another chance against Hamilton in the Semifinal game of the Lawson Tournament. Based on the teams reaction coming off that Hamilton loss, Coach Jermain was very impressed, “We had the best energy and intensity we’ve ever had the past two weeks that you want to see coming off a game that is probably our worst loss.”

     The Spartans have been working hard the past week to prepare for some revenge against Hamilton. “The past week our communication and enthusiasm has greatly improved, I told the team what we really needed to work on in order to get better and they executed that,” Coach Jermain said.

     The Spartans are making sure that they are prepared for this game. Based on their preparation, “We have to know where Latroy Harper is 100% of the time. He controlled the game against us last time and we have to get him away from the action, that means the ball, rebounding, everything. We also have to run our offense better, be patient and let our plays develop, give ourselves a chance,” Coach Jermain said. Good luck to the Richmond Basketball team as they take on Hamilton in the Semifinal game on January 12 at the Lawson Tournament.

Posted by scomegys On 25 January, 2018 at 7:06 AM