More Than Just a Grocery Store  

By: Kris Dillon

      For months, the community of Richmond and many of the RHS students have been across the street working hard to provide the town with a new grocery store! Now, the time has finally arrived, and Harps Food is here and they have no intention of leaving. Connie Philippeit, the Store Manager, told the RHS news that, “98% of the Harps stores are located by a Walmart and they have flourished!”

     After many interviews and orientation, there are 10 employees from RHS that work diligently at Harps to provide the best service: Jacob Fales, Alyssa Manning, Daisy Gay, Kaylee Goetz, Leitu Visesio, Alexis Rice, Taiyah Elliott, Dominick Cravens, Kris Dillon, and Emma Daniels. Whether this being their first job or they have had job experience before, they can all agree that they are glad that Harps came into this small town! Alyssa Manning (10) was very excited to have Harps be her first job stating, “Everyone is so friendly and nice there, it doesn’t even feel like work! I enjoy being a Cashier and working with some of my peers.”

     So, make sure you stop by Harps Food and say hello to your classmates as they continue to make Harps a great place!

Posted by scomegys On 25 January, 2018 at 11:56 AM