Richmond Boys Basketball Mid-season Update 

By: Trevon Alexander

     The Richmond Spartans are sitting at 11-5, halfway through the season. “We are in a great spot; it could always be better, but we’re in a great spot for the rest of the season,” Coach Jermain said.

     The goals for the team are a Conference Championship, District Championship, and then move on from there. The mindset for the Spartans hasn’t changed since the beginning of the season. “Our mindset is the same as it was since the beginning, we started with high expectations and they remain the same. We are prepping to make a run in the post-season,” Coach Jermain said.

     The Spartans’ expectations for themselves and others are the same. “I expect to be playing our best basketball, win at least 7 of our last 10 games, competing for a conference title. Once that is done, work to get us in a position to win a District title,” Coach Jermain said. The Spartans continue the second half of their journey on January 22 against Trenton in the first round of the Penney Tournament.

Posted by scomegys On 25 January, 2018 at 12:10 PM