Scholar Bowl Travels to Holden 

By: Grant Decker

     On Wednesday, January 17th, the Richmond Scholar Bowl team traveled to Holden for their second meet of the season. They were up against Harrisonville, Holden, and Pleasant Hill. According to Senior Lennon Puls, their mindset going in was that “we were probably facing our greatest competition of the year, and that we were going to work our hardest to try to come out on top after not competing to our fullest in our last meet.”

     During the Varsity competitions, Senior Garrett Gifford was the leading scorer. The final score for varsity was 2-1, losing a close one to Pleasant Hill. “I think the team is really good at the math portion, but also at working together on the bonus questions,” said Puls, “We need to work on getting to the buzzers quicker so we would have more opportunities to answer questions.” When asked what he thinks will occur from now until the end of the season, he responded, “overall, the team is improving and it looks as if we have a chance going into districts.”

     During the Junior Varsity Competitions, they only had one loss. Junior Josh Isaacson said that they “did well in math, miscellaneous, and science.” He also added that they could improve on literature and composers. When asked what he feels about this Scholar Bowl season in general, he answered “I feel that this season will be productive and the JV team will grow and get a lot better and I think we will win a majority of our games.” Their next meet will be on January 31st.

Posted by scomegys On 25 January, 2018 at 12:12 PM