Freshman Team Tourney 

By: Paul Mayberry

Starting on Tuesday, January 23rd, and ending on Friday the 26th, the Freshman Team had a home tournament where they got two wins and one loss, and received 3rd overall.

Tournament Breakdown

Game Record                                                                          Tournament Standings

1st Match vs. Odessa: Win                                                      1st Place: Oak Grove

2nd Match vs. Oak Grove: Loss                                             2nd Place: Higginsville

3rd Match vs. Knob Noster: Win                                            3rd Place: Richmond


The last game of the season took place on the night of Monday, the 29th, with Ben Didier, Ben Dana, Coco Rhodes, Wyatt Covey, and Wyatt Marshall as the starting five against Higginsville, resulting in a victory, and an overall season record of 4 wins and 7 losses.

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