Improvising Has Its Perks 

By: Jordan Barr

     On Saturday, January 27, Speech and Debate departed early from the high school and headed to Salisbury, Missouri. Eight of our students competed and went against six other schools. While everyone did well, Sophomores Mathew Danner and Rylee Adams went to finals for Improv Duet Acting. The two did very well and placed second in the overall tournament.
     When asked how it felt to place so high in the tournament, Mathew was surprised. “It feels really cool, I didn’t expect it,” he said. “They just kept calling names and I was like ‘when are they going to call us up?’ And then they announced us as second and it was awesome.” 
    Rylee, however, enjoyed the overall experience. “I felt really proud of myself, and the part I played,” she said. Nice work to all that attended, and break a leg to all those who are attending Conference February 14 and February 19

Posted by scomegys On 05 February, 2018 at 2:06 PM