Math Team Competes in Sedalia 

By: Ashley Wilton

     On Saturday, January 27, 2018, the RHS Math Team went to the Smith- Cotton in Sedalia. There were nine students who went and participated. There were seven students who placed and many of those placed in more than one category.
     The freshman team placed 4th, and the students on that team were Brianna Kindley, Jillian Hayter, Bryan Scott, and Kenneth Villanueva.
     The senior team placed 3rd, the students on that team were Kaitlin Jaggers, Hannah Truit, and Garrett Gifford. 
     There were also students who placed individually. Kenneth Villanueva placed 3rd in 9th grade word problems, Jillian Hayter placed 2nd in 9th grade algebra, 9th grade geometry and 2nd in hodge podge, Garrett Gifford placed 1st in calculus, Hannah Truit placed 5th in prob and stats, and 3rd in 11th  and 12th grade powerpoint, and Kaitlin placed 5th in 11th  and 12th grade powerpoint. Jillian Hayter also placed 3rd in the top freshman.
     Congratulations to all of the Math Team members!

Posted by scomegys On 05 February, 2018 at 2:09 PM