Tips on How to Make Better Decisions  

By: Emma Daniels

     For some reason, challenges that you know are deadly are trending and everyone thinks it’s so funny. It’s not funny. It is literally the most stupid thing ever. The MOST stupid thing ever. We all know what this is referring to.

  • First of all, never in a million years did anyone ever think that this was going to be a trend or any type of challenge. Tip number one is, don’t eat Tide Pods or any other type of detergent. Whether it is for your dishwasher, your clothes, whatever. Don’t eat detergent. You will literally die.
  • Although, these are things you might be still tempted or seems tempting to do, don’t. Stop while you still have enough brain cells at least to function. Tip #2 is don’t drink bleach. I know what you’re thinking, “Why would anyone ever drink bleach?” I don’t know why anyone would drink bleach, I don’t know why anyone would a tide, I don’t know. There is no explanation. #tiredofit
  • Don’t drink gasoline or any other type of substance that runs machinery, like motor oil. I know it’s tempting, don’t do it. Again you will literally die. Don’t even do these things on a dare.
  • Don’t eat glass or anything sharp that could hurt your insides. Glass is actually quite dangerous to consume, so don’t.
  • Whenever you are at home and you are looking for something to drink, try and stay away from the Windex or Spic and Span or really any type of chemical cleaner. I get the colors are cool, but again they’re harmful, even deadly.
  • When summer roles around and you are swimming in the pool and you think, “Huh, I wonder what chlorine really taste like.” Don’t go and find out, don’t eat chlorine.
  • Again, you wouldn’t think anyone would ever need this type of a reminder, but here we are.
Posted by scomegys On 05 February, 2018 at 2:15 PM