Scholar Bowl Travels to Lexington 

By: Grant Decker

     On Wednesday, January 31, the Richmond Scholar Bowl team traveled to Lexington for their third competition, where they competed against Lexington, Harrisonville, and Carrollton.

     The Richmond Varsity team won every match. Senior Aidan Lacy said that the team went into each match with much confidence that they would do well. He also pointed out that each person on the varsity team has different strengths than one another. For example, some team members are more advanced in math and science, such as Seniors Garrett Gifford and Lennon Puls, while others are more advanced in miscellaneous, social studies, and music, such as Senior Tyler Boss. He added that the team’s weakest subjects are paintings and other art related subjects. The only thing he said that could help the team improve is for them to study the material more thoroughly. The next Scholar Bowl meet is on March 1st.

Posted by scomegys On 06 February, 2018 at 10:24 AM