What’s it like to be a substitute Teacher? 

By: Paul Mayberry

    On Monday, February 5th, the journalism class conducted an interview with Kyrah Horton, a substitute teacher at the Richmond XVI High School. The subject matter consisting of 5 questions on her experience in the substitute teacher line of work.

Q: What is it like to sub? (From day-to-day)

“If it’s long-term it’s less stressful and you know what to expect. If it is short term you have to have your entire day figured out in about an hour.”

Q: What are some of its pros and cons?

“Pros: you can set your own schedule and you get to know a bunch of different students. Cons: there is no steady pay because you are never sure when you will work. And the days can get pretty boring if you have no substance, like if you are just showing a movie or something.”

Q: What are the requirements to become a substitute teacher?

“You have to have 60 college credit hours, pass the background check, be voted in by the school board, and get your Missouri Substitute Certificate.”

Q: Reasons for Subbing?

“My major is in Teaching. And it’s a good experience to see how you want to run your classroom and for what grade.”

Q: Plans for the future?

“Finish up college in the next year, continue to sub, and get a position at a good school.”

Thanks to Mrs. Kyrah Horton for sharing her insight! Let’s all wish Mrs. Horton good luck in her future endeavors!