Talent for All to See 

By Jordan Barr

     Wednesday, Jaunuary 31, the Leadership class's talent show committee chaired by Danielle Mintzlaff and Kaylee Goetz, hosted the second annual talent show during advisement. Seven acts auditioned to be in the show the week before and worked hard beforehand to perfect their acts.

     The show kicked off with last year’s winner Gabe Mansell and his Elvis impersonation. Next, this year’s second place winner Leitu Visesio sang the song “Riptide” while playing her ukulele. After that, the lights went out for contestant Calob Howell and his bow staff routine to the song “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark”. First place winners Lily Meier and Emma Daniels sang an original mashup of the songs “If I Were a Boy” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” while Lily played guitar. Shapes Dance and Acro Bella Duffett and Malori Chrisman were up next, and performed an original dance routine to the song “Bounce”. Last year’s second place winner Jenny Corwin got the crowd involved once again when she had them help her sing along to the song “Iris”. Lastly, Leadership students rolled out the choir room piano for third place winner’s Sophia Farnan and Kylie Phipps to play while singing “Say Something”.

     When asked about their winning duet, Emma and Lily had nothing but good things to say about each other. “I really enjoyed working with Lily and getting to know her because I didn’t really know her much before, and so I made a new friend,” said Emma. “Emma is super great and working together was so much fun! I would do it again in a heartbeat,” said Lily. Even though they both thought the other did amazing with their performance, they were both astonished to have taken home the first place title. “When we won I was actually really surprised,” admitted Emma. “I didn’t think we did badly, but I was just really surprised when we won, but I’m glad we did!” Lily was surprised as well, with as many performers as there were. “Getting first was a real shock! There were so many amazing and talented people in the show. It was honestly just one great performance after another,” said Lily.

Talent show winners Emma Daniels and Lily Meier

1st Row: Sophia Farnan, Kylie Phipps, Emma Daniels, Lily Meier, Calob Howell, Gabe Mansell

2nd Row: Jenny Corwin, Leitu Visesio, Bella Duffett, Malori Chrisman

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