Capital Gain (FBLA Field Trip) 

By: Kris Dillon

     On Wednesday, February 14, the FBLA and FFA Officers took a field trip to the Missouri State Capital Building to lobby for Career and Technical education. This event, formally known as Legislative Day was put together by the secretary for the state’s office in order for young student’s voices to be heard. There, they had the chance to talk to any legislator about anything they were passionate about.
     While the senator for the Ray County District was very busy discussing the budget, he took the time to meet with the group. Senior Bella Duffett asked, “What is your favorite ice-cream place?” in which he followed up with, “Central Dairy has the best local ice-cream in all of this state, in my opinion.” The team let him resume his meeting, but made sure and snapped a picture before he left.
     Afterwards the FBLA group took the senators word and scooped up some cream at Central Dairy. Overall, this event was very helpful in bridging the gap between state and locals and provided the youth of Missouri the chance to speak for what they believe in.

The FBLA Officer Team in front of the Capital Building


Posted by scomegys On 26 February, 2018 at 9:38 AM