Alumni Spotlight: Candra Hastings 

By: Grant Decker

     Candra Hastings was a 2015 graduate from Richmond High School. After graduation, she moved to Malibu, California to attend Pepperdine University for their Creating Writing BA (Bachelor of Arts). She has since completed two years of that program and will continue to pursue it if she is not accepted into the University of Los Angeles for their Film and TV BA, which she has just recently applied for. For this program, only fifteen people around the entire world are selected. At the same time, she has also been completing an AA (Associates of Arts) in Liberal Arts from Santa Monica College. She states that she is completing the Associates of Arts to “further my education and establish myself as a Californian in order to receive in-state tuition.”

     When asked what she has been up to outside of school, she replied “I’ve been working on my creative pursuits. I’ve held down two internships where I rose from an entry position to management and leader roles.” These pursuits include graphic design, media publications, script doctoring, editing, and assistant producing a popular podcast. She even did slating for the feature length film “The Night I Died.” This film has gone to several film festivals and won awards.

     To further her education, she has been networking and taking directing and acting workshops, which have lead to “interesting opportunities,” such as getting to be in the Yugioh Duel Links commercial for Konami.

     In her free time, Candra enjoys playing video games and she is hoping to start streaming her gameplay for Overwatch soon and, as she likes to put it, “see where it takes me.”

Posted by scomegys On 27 February, 2018 at 11:08 AM