What’s the Deal with Enrollment? 

By: Jordan Barr

     For the next couple weeks, grades, 9, 10, and 11 will be meeting one at a time in the commons during advisement to start their enrollment process. The Guidance Counselors, Mrs. Swafford and Mrs. Stigall, will meet with the grade levels, giving each student an enrollment form, their transcript, and a paper of what credits they have and which ones they still need to graduate. The students are then responsible for filling out their enrollment form, and making sure they have signed up for seven credits along with two to three alternates.

     Once a grade level has been met with, and has had time to take home the new enrollment form to receive a parent or guardian signature, the grade level will be dismissed by the first letter of their last name to meet in the lab. Juniors will be called down March 6-7, Sophomores March 8 and 13, and Freshman March 14-15. All papers that were given to you should be taken into the lab to enroll, and your enrollment form must have a signature from a parent or guardian.

     In addition to enrolling, two new classes have been added to the list for students to look into.  One is Agribusiness Sales and Marketing, only available to incoming Juniors and Seniors, and the other is Computer Programming, for coding and business, available to all students 9-12.

     If you have any questions on the enrollment process, there are several ways to find help. On the school website, if you go to the High School’s page and locate Counseling Department, you will find a Guide Course, new enrollment forms available to be printed off, and AP/ Dual Credit “cheat sheets” if you would like more information on their costs and credits. Feel free to also get in contact with your counselor, a teacher, or department chair. Mrs. Henson, Mr. Rold, Mr. Clymore, Mr. Quick, Mr. Persel, Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Long are all available for assisting if there are any questions about classes in their department.

Posted by scomegys On 26 March, 2018 at 10:30 AM