Tips on How to be Positive  

  By: Emma Daniels

     Sometimes in high school it’s hard to be positive when the only thing positive is the end of the day. Here are some tips on how to stay positive throughout the day.

  • When walking down the hallway, if you see someone looking nice and pretty one day, tell them they look nice. That will make their day better and yours, because you made them feel good.
  • Write down happy thoughts in a notebook that you can look at to keep yourself positive, especially when you’ve had a rough day. Don’t write down negative things because that will defeat the purpose.
  • Don’t let the haters bring you down. If someone makes fun of you, tell them to quit being such jerks and to worry about themselves. If that makes them laugh, because they’re rude people, just let it go, because they aren’t worth another breath.
  • Don’t be a bully. Don’t bring someone else down because you feel like it or because you’ve had a bad day. Just keep all rude comments to yourself.
  • Join in on more activities. Although it is scary doing stuff up in front of your classmates, join in, don’t sit back and watch! Let your freak flag fly!
  • Keep a positive tone. When speaking to people, speak like you are happy, even if you’re not. Keeping that positivity will help the people around you stay positive and not be affected by how you feel. Also chances are, things will get better if you stay positive.
  • Hang out with people that make you laugh and that make you happy. Don’t hang out with people just because of status or because you think you have to. You control you.
  • Just think positive and you will live a positive life!

Posted by scomegys On 26 March, 2018 at 10:50 AM