Getting Ripped With Rash 

By: Sydney Stigall

     On Saturday, March 17th, students from the athletic practice and conditioning classes traveled to Lexington for their fourth annual Minutemen Powerlifting meet. Weeks before, the students were asked by Coach Rash and Coach Beck if any of them would be interested in attending. Richmond had twelve contestants. With it being the Spartans’ first time at a weight lifting meet, they were all unfamiliar with the process. Leaving the school at approximately 7:30 am, everyone was required to be at Lexington’s High School at 8:00 for weigh in. At 8:30, the coaches had a meeting for rules and regulations, then at 9:00 everyone was given instructions as to how the day would proceed. At 9:30, the competition commenced.

     Those competing for the Spartans included seniors Kenton Delana, D’Tanyon Maxwell, and Sydney Stigall; junior Kayla George; sophomores Colby Stigall, Taya Weber; and freshmen Hayden Crist, Timmy Hamilton, Reuben Long, Matthew Lopez, Wyatt Marshall, and Bryan Scott. After each competitor was given his or her weight class, they split up to go to their designated areas. The three lifts everyone was competing in were squat, cleans, and bench press. Richmond competed against schools such as Belton, East Buchanan, Lexington, Liberty North, and Plattsburg.

     The long day drew to an end, with the awards ceremony taking place around 4:00 in the afternoon. Two students from RHS had received medals for placing. Sophomore Colby Stigall had been awarded “Best Lifter” for his squat of 365 pounds along with his clean of 245 pounds. He was also awarded 1st place for overall weight in the 181 pound freshman/sophomore class and “Best Heavyweight Power-lifter for Freshman/Sophomore Class”. Senior Sydney Stigall had taken first in her weight class of 165 and received “Best Lifter” for her squat of 300 pounds, cleans of 195 pounds, and a bench press of 155 pounds. Also, Sydney had broken the previous girl’s squat and bench press record for the 165 weight class.

     The Spartans had an exciting, yet nerve wracking experience. Coming home with some hardware, the athletes returned home with smiles on their faces. “The competition was a great experience. It was a great way for me to show my physical abilities in what I can accomplish and excel at something new”, states Colby, “Everyone from Richmond did a really good job at giving their all and trying to get to the top”. A small piece of advice Colby would like to give future athletes is that pain is temporary. It may last a few moments, but it will subside. If you quit, however, it will last forever. Congratulations to the Richmond Spartans and their fellow competitors!

Sydney and Colby Stigall proudly representing Richmond following the awards ceremony.

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