District Contact Information

District Contact Information 
Central Office - 1017 E. Main St
Phone: 816-776-6912      Fax:  816-776-5554

     Dr. Mike Aytes - maytes@richmond.k12.mo.us
Assistant Superintendent
     Mr. Brock Dover - bdover@richmond.k12.mo.us
Board of Education 
     Mr. Tom Williamson - President
     Dr. Jason Morrill - Vice President
     Mr. Jason Berning
     Dr. Jonathon Renfro

     Mrs. Connie Taylor
      Mr. Jon Thoreson
     Mrs. Penny Vandiver
Secretary for the Board of Education / Superintendent
     Mrs. April E. Green   -  agreen@richmond.k12.mo.us
Director of Athletics, Transportation, Food Service, Buildings and Grounds
     Mr. Jeff Southwick   -  jsouthwick@richmond.k12.mo.us
Director of Special Services
     Mrs. Debby Gill - dgill@richmond.k12.mo.us
Support Staff
     Mrs. Judi McGinnis - jmcginnis@richmond.k12.mo.us
     Mrs. Victoria Clymore - vclymore@richmond.k12.mo.us
Athletics, Transportation, Food Service, Buildings and Grounds
     Mrs. Kaye Frederick - kfrederick@richmond.k12.mo.us
Special Services
     Mrs. Joey Yallaly - jyallaly@richmond.k12.mo.us
     Mrs. Casey Curtis - ccurtis@richmond.k12.mo.us
Educ Tech Specialist, eMINTS Trainer, Study Island, Scholastic and Webpage Admin
     Mr. William Dooley - wdooley@richmond.k12.mo.us