Building Schedules

Dear Elementary Sunrise Elementary Middle School High School
Grades K-1 2-5 6-8 9-12
Starting Time 7:50am 8:00am 7:45am 7:45am
Regular Dismissal
-Bus Riders 2:35pm 2:50pm 2:35pm 2:35pm
-Car Riders & Walkers 2:40pm 2:55pm 2:40pm 2:40pm
Wednesday Dismissal
-Bus Riders 1:55pm 2:10pm 1:55pm 1:55pm
-Car Riders & Walkers 2:00pm 2:12pm 2:00pm 2:00pm
Other Early Dismissal
-Bus Riders 12:45pm 1:00pm 12:45pm 12:45pm
-Car Riders & Walkers 12:50pm 1:05pm 12:50pm 12:50pm

Times subject to change, which will be posted here