A+ Schools Program

A+ Schools Program 

     Established by the Outstanding Schools Act of 1993, the A+ Schools Program is a school
improvement initiative that seeks to raise academic standards in Missouri’s high schools.
Richmond High School (RHS) went through the A+ designation process and became an
A+ designated school.  (
see List of A+ High Schools). This A+ designation may enable every
student at RHS who meets the A+ criteria to receive two years of paid tuition to any public 
community college or public vocational/technical school in the State of Missouri. 
Contact:  Jill Pence, RHS A+ Coordinator, 816-776-2226.

     Richmond R-XVI High School continues to participate in the Missouri A+ Schools Financial
Incentive Program.  T
he A+ Program was first established by the 1993 Outstanding Schools
Act and Senate Bill 380. The program is 
an intensive partnership among high schools,
community colleges, vocational schools, students, teachers, parents, 
labor, businesses and
communities to give students the motivation, skills and knowledge to graduate from high
school. It creates an innovative and well-designed path from high school to high-skill,
high-wage jobs. Students 
choose rigorous programs of study from six Career Pathways.
Career Pathways are clusters of occupations/careers 
that are grouped together because
the people in them have similar interests and strengths.  Students are motivated 
 they realize that accomplishments in learning not only build pride and self-esteem, but
also measure 
competency for anticipated fields of work. In other words, "what you learn
in school, you can also use on the job." 

     Richmond High School met the goals and requirements for the program in 1997 and
was designated an A+ High School at that time.  Graduates from Richmond High School
since 1997 are eligible for state reimbursement** for the cost of tuition to any Missouri
public 2-year community college, vocational, or technical school. To be eligible, the student
must enter into a written agreement with the high school during the last three years prior
to high school graduation. The agreement may be found in the school office. ‚Äč

     The student must also:

-Have attended a Designated A+ High School for the three consecutive years prior to
-Graduate from high school with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 points (C+)
          or higher on a 
four-point scale.
-Have an attendance record of 95% or greater for the four-year period.
-Perform a minimum of 55 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring for younger students.
-Maintain good citizenship.
-Have had no school suspensions for Safe Schools Act Violations.
-Complete and submit the FAFSA Form for federal post-secondary student financial
          assistance at the college or 
vocational school.
-Beginning with the graduating class of 2015, score proficient or advanced on the
          Algebra I EOC.  (See A+ 
Coordinator for alternative tests to meet this qualification.)

     A+ eligible students may receive financial incentives if enrolled at an approved
institution within four years after high school graduation. Students may enroll for the
equivalent of two full academic years.  (An academic year includes a fall, spring,
and summer semester.) A+ students must also maintain the above standards during
the time they are receiving A+ funds.

     For more information, please contact the high school office, your counselor, or
the A+ School Coordinator.
**Pending the Missouri General Assembly's continued support and funding for A+ Schools.

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