What is Advisement?
A program to support personalization for students in high school

-To give every student a chance to establish a positive relationship with a staff member (Connect a student to an adult).
-To develop post-secondary plans and prepare for post-secondary skills such as applying for jobs, colleges, trade school, and scholarships.
-To develop character utilizing the "School Connect" curriculum.

-Each advisory period lasts 30 minutes.
-Students are placed in groups of 15-20.
-Students are grouped by grade level.
-Advisement will be held every Wednesday.
-Students will have the same advisor through all four years of high school.

High school readiness, preparing for college, exploring career paths, career choices, graduation progress, future enrollment and course selection, preparing for tests, maintaining friendships, making personal decisions, anger management, preventing bullying, appreciating diversity, peer connections, and many more topics too numerous to list

Richmond High School, as a comprehensive high school, will provide students the opportunity to reach their highest level of personal and intellectual well-being by creating a learning environment that empowers students to become productive and responsible individuals in our changing world.