The study of English—also known as Language Arts—is a wide-
ranging pursuit that includes topics and skills as varied as reading comprehension, literature analysis, composition and rhetoric, grammar studies, and the history of the language. Richmond High School requires four English credits be taken for graduation. Reading is a class offered for students who need additional development of essential skills. Language Arts 9 and Language Arts 10 are required of freshmen and sophomores, respectively. Juniors have the option of Language Arts 11 or College Preparatory Language Arts 11, and seniors have Language Arts 12 or College Preparatory Language Arts 12 available. Both juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take the dual credit Composition I and Composition II courses or the AP English Language and Composition course, each of which offer the possibility for college credit. Journalism, Contemporary Literature, Creative Writing, and Short Story classes are electives offered to upperclassmen.

Teacher  Subject
 Ms. Comegys          
 Language Arts / Yearbook / Newspaper
 Mrs. Morris  Language Arts
 Mrs. Pence  Language Arts / A+ Program Coordinator
 Mr. Robertson  Language Arts
 Mr. Rold
 Language Arts (Department Chair)
 Mrs. Rold
 Language Arts

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