Social Studies

Social Studies is a term used to describe the broad study of the various fields which involve past and current human behavior and interactions. Rather than focus in-depth on any one topic, social studies provides a broad overview of human society past and present.  Richmond High School requires 3 units of Social Studies credit to be taken for graduation.  Typically, American History is a Freshman course, World History is a Sophomore course, and American Government is taken by Juniors.  Geography, Contemporary Issues, Sociology, and Psychology are offered as electives.  AP United States Government and Politics, AP American History, and European History to 1600 are offered as higher level courses that can award college credit hours.



Mrs. Henson

World History, Psychology, European History to 1600 (Department Chair)

Mr. Jermain

American History, AP American History

Mr. McCray

Government, AP Government, Sociology

Mr. Quinn

American History, World History, Geography, Contemporary Issues

Richmond High School, as a comprehensive high school, will provide students the opportunity to reach their highest level of personal and intellectual well-being by creating a learning environment that empowers students to become productive and responsible individuals in our changing world.