Mobile App Information

The Richmond R-XVI School District is excited to announce that parents and students can now access our school websites on their mobile devices using the free Sharp School App.  The mobile app is available on both Apple App Store® and Google Play®. This app will allow you to quickly access key school information from multiple school websites on the go.

Please follow these simple instructions to download the mobile app and access the school websites:

1) Download the SharpSchool app from the Apple App Store, if you have an iPhone or from Google Play, if you are using an Android device.

2) You can start using the app once it is downloaded and installed.

3) The first screen will prompt you to enable location services. It is recommended to enable this as the app will automatically use your location and list all schools utilizing SharpSchool that are close by.

4) If you don’t find your school in the Nearby list, you can use Search to do so.

5) Once you locate your school, click on School Name and you will be asked if you would like to add this school to your My Schools list.

6) Hit Yes and this will add the school to your My Schools list in the app. To add another school, simply repeat steps 5 and 6.

7) The next time you visit the SharpSchool app, you will not have to complete steps (1 – 5).  Simply open the app and select the school you wish to view under the My Schools list.  If you need to switch to another school, hit the Switch Schools icon that will appear on the school page. Note:  If you need to remove a school from your My Schools list, simply swipe the school to the left until you see a Delete button. Hit the Delete button to remove the school from your My Schools list.

(Apple iPad must download in the iPhone Only mode on their iStore.  The resolution is not great for the iPad.  The app is designed for SmartPhones, not tablets.)