Reading, Comprehension, and Fluency Websites

Reading / Comprehension and Fluency Resources

A website to engage students,
preparing them for state 
Students have individual logins.

Reading Websites for Parents

Strategies and suggestions to use at home
in all areas of reading development. 
These include phonemic awareness,
phonics, decoding, fluency, comprehension
and reading aloud.

Sites for Parents          

Literacy Matters

Reading Rockets

We Read: Literacy and Education for Life

Family Education

Reading Success Lab

Read To Me

Core Standards

Videos for Parents


Letters and Sounds

Reading Levels

DRA Reading Assessment
The Developmental Reading Assessment
(DRA) is a standardized reading test used to determine a student's instructional level in
reading.  It is administered to individual 
students by teachers and/or reading specialists.
Students read a selection (or selections) and 
then re-tell what they have read to the 
examiner.  As levels increase, so does the difficulty
level for each selection.

Sight Words / Cards / FlashCards

Dolch Sightwords Lists

The Dolch Sight Words list is the
most commonly used set of sight
words. Educator Dr. Edward William
Dolch developed the list in the 1930s-
40s by studying the most frequently
occurring words in children’s books
of that era. The list contains 220
“service words” plus 95 high-
frequency nouns. These words
comprise 80% of the words you
would find in a typical children’s
book and 50% of the words found
in writing for adults. Once a child
knows this list of words, it makes
reading much easier, because
the child can then focus his or her
attention on the remaining words.

The Dolch words are commonly
divided into groups by grade level,
ranging from pre-kindergarten to
third grade, with a separate list
of nouns. There are a total of
315 Dolch Sight Words.

Fry Words Lists
The Fry word list or "instant words"
are widely accepted to contain the
most used words in reading and
writing. The list is divided into ten
levels and then divided into groups
 of twenty-five words, based on
frequency of use and difficulty.

K-12 Readers

SEN Teacher

Scholastic Flash Card Maker


Print Bingo Cards


Teaching Heart

Free Reading Books to Print


Phonics Websites


ABC Fast Phonics (with sound!)

BBC Schools - use search for Phonics

Professor Garfield (Fishing with Phonics)

Dositey - Writing on Computer / Phonics Games / Reading

Magic Keys - books

Family Reading from the United Kingdom

Reading Bear - Phonics


Read Theory

Roy the Zebra

Reading is Fundamental

Literacy Center

Fun English Games

Empire - a Goodgame Studios Strategy Game


Mr. Nussbaum Education Website

National Geographic

Websites for Fluency Reading Activities (includes
books online for young readers)


Story Place

Wired for Books - Kids

Book Hive

Stories to Grow By - Whootie Owl

Book Pals from the Screen Actors Guild

Poetry 4 Kids

Book Spot