Staff Contacts and Webpages

Sunrise Elementary Staff Contacts and Websites
Name Position Classroom Websites E-Mail
Pam Adams Guidance Counselor
Jessica Backs 3rd Grade Teacher
Leslie Bailey Principal's Secretary
Kristin Barr Special Ed. Teacher
Spencer Barr Art Teacher
Duane Bastob Phys. Ed. Teacher
Kerra Bowers 2nd Grade Teacher
Sherri Branson PowerSchool Support
Shari Burks Sp. Educ. Para
Trish Carletti Sp. Educ. Teacher
Kim Chrisman Attendance Secretary
Dana Cravens Computer Lab Teacher
Mindi Crook Librarian / Media Specialist
Brian Derstler Sp. Educ. Aide
Kim Ditto Custodian    
Peggy Doolan 4th Grade Teacher
William Dooley District Website
Kara Elderbaum 3rd Grade Teacher
Brigitte Gernetzke 5th Grade Teacher
Stacey Gingrich Sp. Educ. Aide
Becky Gore Educ. Resource Teacher
Sherry Hall Sp. Educ. Para
Courtney Hardesty 3rd Grade Teacher
Kayla Harris 2nd Grade Teacher
Don Harrison Custodian
Cheri Hudson  3rd Grade Teacher
Julie Hyder School-Based Social Worker
Kaye LaJoie Title 1 Teacher
Janis Lanning Expanded Horizons (Gifted) Teacher
Kaitlin Long Music Teacher
Miranda Marcum 5th Grade Teacher
Jamie Marrant 2nd Grade Teacher
Amber McCoy Sp. Educ. Para

Deborah McCoy 4th Grade Teacher
eMINTS Comprehensive
Donna Miller 4th Grade Teacher
Chassity Nevels  School Resource Officer / Richmond Police
Amber Opfer 4th Grade Teacher
Verlee Patterson Building Aide
Linda Pemburlin Sunrise / Dear Nurse
Tiara Pettijohn 2nd Grade Teacher

Danielle Phillips Special Educ Teacher
Process Coordinator
Cheryl Ray Speech/Language Pathologist
Samantha Roth 5th Grade Teacher
Lynn Sanders Sp. Educ. Para
Sarah Schnell 4th Grade Teacher
Jeanne Scott Title I Teacher

Lana Spooner Custodian
Rick Swafford Head Custodian
Sara Terrill Principal
Lindsey Thomas 5th Grade Teacher
Nicole VanBuskirk 5th Grade Teacher
Darla Weekley 3rd Grade Teacher
Robyn Wheeler 2nd Grade Teacher